Real Estate Activities

The extensive real estate development experience of Triple Five in North America spans more than half a century, specializing in land infrastructure, community planning and development, servicing, home construction and overall master planning. Triple Five is internationally recognized for its innovative development activities which include neighborhood and regional shopping centers, hotels, high-rise offices, apartments, mixed-use developments and master-planned communities.

In the United States, Triple Five has developed numerous commercial, industrial and residential projects and has master planned a significant number of quality communities. Triple Five is active in California, Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, Nevada, New York and Florida, developing various projects in all these states.

Triple Five activities are continued in Canadian cities such as Vancouver, B.C., Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario.

With its depth of experience in retail development, Triple Five is also developing many multiple neighborhood retail entertainment centers. These 20 to 100-acre commercial developments combine cinemas, fine restaurants, specialty retail and neighborhood services in distinct, unique environments as opposed to strip or enclosed malls.

Triple Five also operates a home construction division and is developing many residential subdivisions and has developed and currently has under construction several thousand apartment units.

Apart from residential and industrial projects, Triple Five has unique commercial concepts which would substantially enhance the potential financial rewards inherent in its properties. Triple Five’s track record demonstrates an ability to create extraordinary value in both residential and mixed-use developments.